The Heliosfero Foundation is a continuation of the Foundation Les Vents Atlantiques, which included the Symphonie Atlantique ensemble.

The objective of the Heliosfero Foundation is to support all activities of Heliosfero, the ensemble and the music academy.

Our board consists of the following individuals:
J.H.C. Boer, chairman
W.F. Korthals Altes, secretary
I.J. van der Giessen, treasurer
J.S. Calff, fundraising

Advisory Board
Members of the Advisory Board are:
C.N. Syrier
Michael Chance

Heliosfero Foundation
IBAN: NL80 INGB 0007 0271 03
RSIN: 851820438
Chamber of Commerce: 55692753

ANBI status
The Heliosfero Foundation has been designated by the tax authorities as a charity and has the status of a cultural public benefit organization (ANBI).