Summer Academy in France

Heliosfero offers a new chamber music academy in a small village near Lyon (France) . This summer academy will take place the 24th to 30th of June and can accept a total of 8 students. We are inviting pre-existing quartets, as well as individuals, to apply. The facility has a harpsichord, so ensembles can also be formed with other baroque instruments if preferred.

The course will offer private and group lessons for chamber music and then we will also perform a little orchestral concert at the end of the week with some musicians from France joining in. There is a lovely medieval church that we can perform in, as well as a small castle.

Price: € 400 per person, based on double room, full board.

Travel costs are not included; there are flix buses which are relatively inexpensive that go to Lyon from The Hague.

If you or your ensemble are interested, please let us know!