Sun 12 September 2021, 16:15 hrs

Bach & Escher – infinite variation


Bach & Escher – infinite variation is an idea of flutist Tami Krausz. Performed will be movements from J.S. Bach’s Das Musikalische Opfer (BWV1079), performed and explained in conjunction with images from the work of M.C. Escher….

The work of Bach and Escher, geniuses from different centuries and art forms, has many points of contact. Both work with certain basic motifs, with symmetry, repetition, mirroring and sequences, on which they vary, sometimes simply, sometimes infinitely complex interweaving, adding new dimensions. Bach’s varied canons and fugues are the most complex and inventive examples in the history of polyphonic composition (polyphony). By Escher, his tessellation motifs, “metamorphoses” and “cycles”, among others, will be shown and discussed. In this ‘concert-art experience’, the processes of listening and watching will be merged into one surprising and enriching experience for the audience, which will appeal to both concertgoers, more and less experienced, and more visually oriented art viewers.


J.S. Bach (BWV 1079)
Das Musikalische Opfer

Rebecca Huber, baroque violin
Tami Krausz, traverso
Rebecca Rosen, cello
Claudio Ribeiro, harpischord
Marijnke de Jong, speaker