Members of Heliosfero perform internationally as soloists, chamber musicians and orchestral musicians around the world. Most of them studied at the renowned Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Several of them now teach there, and are training a new generation of historical practice specialists.

The members of Heliosfero come from all over the world and are brought together by their unique perspectives, diverse interests and specializations in the world of historical music performance. All members value the specialties and expertise of their colleagues and the projects they initiate. Heliosfero-musicians enjoy experimenting in project form, seeking an informed yet personal take on the repertoire of the period covered by each project. All play and teach various historical versions of their instruments and always use what is best suited to the time that the repertoire performed, as composed over the past 500 years.

Heliosfero is always looking to broaden its horizons through collaboration with others.