The Heliosfero Academy is an international school for musicians of all levels who wish to engage seriously in historical performance practice. Work is conducted both online and live; this includes private lessons, master classes, lectures and joint performances. Our goal is to make the active practice of classical music in a historically informed manner accessible worldwide, in particular also to aspiring professional musicians, in preparation for admission to a conservatory.

The idea for the school came from Rebecca Huber after years of teaching in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, the United States, Brazil and now at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Through all the classes and workshops she organized and was invited to, she realized that there are many students around the world who love the repertoire and the way of performing that drew her to Early Music.
In addition to traditional on-site classes, we use digital, online techniques where they can help reach more people. For example, we can remove barriers due to distance.
Our teaching musicians give lessons in various languages, at least Dutch, English and Spanish. If lessons in another language are desired, our network offers a solution in most cases.
We support those for whom tuition is a problem in finding appropriate scholarships and/or with our own funds.